The largest Manufacturer of Structurally Insulated Building Systems (Sips) Homes and Commercial Buildings in the State of Arizona

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American Sips Homes Manufacturers




us  Homes provides a super- insulated, panelized exterior wall and roof system, custom fabricated either from your design or from a more traditional commercial homes designer. The structural insulated panels (SIPs) have twice the insulation value of conventional construction and are much stronger. This Building system is a higher-quality product than frame structures in every respect.


Any competent builder can assemble a SIP panelized home. We recommend that you select a professional contractor to build your us  home. You will find some builders who are interested in Building with panels and others who aren't. We will give builders the information needed for a successful project. Most of our builders have never built a panel home before and invariably do just fine. It is different than Building a frame home, but in many ways easier since there are far fewer parts, and any frame builder will catch on to panel construction quickly.


Want to build one of the world's most energy efficient homes, you'll enjoy the benefits of a SIPs home for your project. Your structure will be less complicated than a frame home because of the way the home is designed and assembled,. We have worked with several owner-builders over the years and they report that Building a panel home was a great choice. Of course, we strongly recommend that you tackle a project such as this only if you have plenty of experience and time....and if you are of the right temperament! See our OWNER Building section for more information.


For more detailed information on how to make your new home worth more, go to our Technical Information page above file out the form below or contact us at 1-928-717-9702







Expanded PolyStyrene Steel framed Buildings ~ us Manufacturers of Sips Homes Houses & Buildings

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Some of the advantages of a us Home are:
  • Insect and Mold Resistant
  • High Energy Efficiency Components
  • Increased Home Resale Values
  • Decreased Building Time
  • A True Green Product
  • Decreased Mortgage & Payment Rates
  • Potential Energy Tax Credits
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Increased Life Expectancy of Building
  • High Wind Load Survivability
  • Reduced Thermal Loss
  • Reduced Insurance Rates
  • Higher Overall Resale Value
  • Reduced Costs For Heating and Cooling Equipment



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